Usage Guidelines

How To Use The Chapel

The Frank H. Kenan Chapel is used primarily for interfaith religious, cultural and spiritual activities such as weddings, baptisms, memorial services, and individual meditation and prayer. The Chapel also provides a wonderful setting for recitals, concerts, and other approved functions. The Memorial Garden and Chapel Woods may be used for memorial services or to inter cremains.


  1. Individuals or groups requesting use of the Chapel should make their request to the Chapel’s Board of Directors using the reservation form. The Board or Executive Committee will review all requests to determine if the criteria for use are met.
  2. Required fees must accompany the request form. Any fees paid are non-refundable, except with a written notice of cancellation thirty (30) days prior to the event at which time 50% of the amount will be refunded.
  3. No admission of any kind may be charged for any service. The Chapel will not be available for functions of a secular nature except for approved recitals and concerts. Donations are most appreciated to defray costs of operation.
  4. No food or drink will be permitted in the Chapel, other than as part of a service.
  5. Smoking, alcoholic beverages, and profanity are not permitted in the Chapel or on the grounds.
  6. There are bathrooms and limited facilities for dressing.
  7. The use of candles is limited to the electric candles in the candleholders on the altar and in the standing candelabra. No wax candles are permitted with the exception of unity candles with permission in advance. Battery type candles are permitted.
  8. Chapel furnishings must be protected and no tacks, pins, tape, glue, or wire may be used to fasten any decoration to the furniture or building. Pew clips may be used to attach ribbons and/or flowers to the ends of pews. Chapel furniture will not be moved without permission. Nothing should be placed on top of the piano.
  9. It is the responsibility of the person making the arrangements to ascertain that all participants are informed concerning the Chapel’s guidelines. Said person is responsible for any breakage or damage.
  10. Only one wedding will be scheduled per day. When there is a rehearsal and a wedding scheduled for the same day, a minimum of 3 hours is required between the two events with the wedding being given first consideration.
  11. Electronic equipment such as speakers and microphones will not be allowed in the Chapel. Tape players may be permitted with permission. Video taping of weddings will be permitted only from the rear of the Chapel.
  12. The Kenan Chapel is a sacred place and, therefore, should be treated with respect. Music should be sacred or classical rather than secular in nature.
  13. No rice, confetti, birdseed or petals may be used inside the Chapel. Birdseed and flower petals may be used on the grounds.
  14. An altar cross or a fabric canopy for a chuppa can be provided upon request.
  15. All non-Landfall residents attending an approved event at the Chapel must enter Landfall at the Arboretum Gate off Military Cutoff Road.
  16. The user of the Chapel shall allow photographers, acting on behalf of the Chapel, to photograph the event and to use the photographs for publicity.
  17. The person requesting use of the Chapel is responsible for compliance by all attendees of all rules stated herein. Electronic submission of the Kenan Chapel Reservation Form shall be considered a signed understanding of these Usage Guidelines.

Guidelines for the use of the Memorial Garden Labyrinth and Chapel Woods are available upon request.